GPL3 and miRack

When the whole miRack debacle happened, I remember Andrew encouraged us to switch over to using a GPL-3 license which would prevent the continued use of our code.

I was pretty surprised when I saw a screenshot of what I thought was VCV rack using the latest version of my modules (and a macro oscillator 2) and discovering it was actually miRack.

I remember expressly asking this dude not to use my work. What gives?


If he’s basing it from your current source then he’s probably violating your license. If he’s using older source that had a different license it’s probably legal. But it did sound like he wanted to avoid using modules that authors didn’t want him to use, so maybe he forgot?

Sure looks like he is using my latest - I changed the license 16 months ago and that image of the BPM LFO looks more recent than that. He’s using your code too, not sure if you’re ok with it

I told him it was ok, although one of these days I do plan on updating my license, too.

@almostEric, about to PM you with a few details that may help your detective work in getting this resolved (steering clear of the (uncodified?) ban)