Got VCV running as Insert effect with UA Apollo/Logic Pro


Just thought I’d post this incase anyone is interested. I’ve figured a way of running VCV as an insert effect using the UA Console (with Apollo8) as a kind of go between.

  1. I route a track out of Logic (any DAW should work too) to Virtual 1/2 (linked) in Console
  2. Audio 8 module (Set to UA Apollo Thunderbolt 17-24) picks up that virtual channel in VCV
  3. Send that to FX (Clouds of course :slight_smile:) and route out to Virtual 3/4 (linked) in Console
  4. Arm an audio track in Logic set to receive Virtual 3/4

I mute Virtual 1/2 - 3/4 in Console so I only hear the return to the armed Audio track in Logic.

I have Audio-8 set to 64 on the buffer. As far as I can tell the latency is negligible as I think the virtual channels on the Apollo are latency free. Either way itworks like a treat.

Hope someone finds this useful.



Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you :pray: