Got Blanks ?

Guess what ? it’s Christmas.

I asked to get the module in the library - but “panel only” plugins are currently not accepted.

Binaries for manual install available:

Release NielsenPlugs-Panels v2.0.2 · jpnielsen/NielsenPlugs-Panels · GitHub


I was happy about the new whitelist feature mostly because it allowed me to finally get rid of all those damn blanks in my browser. :smiley:

There’s one from computerscare where you can simply load any image into it and if it’s a gif you can even animate it, I kept that one just in case I ever want to use a blank panel…

Sorry that’s kind of a negative comment, is it? :smiley: I don’t want to diss you, I couldn’t even make a blank plugin myself and it’s probably a good place to start, but I’m pro this decision to ban blanks because they might just distract users like myself.

It is a really cool blank though! :slight_smile:


But what about the blanks with easter eggs?

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Which blank modules cover easter eggs?

You might encounter one in Geodesics


What is that blank where you can load an image? Cannot find it, I see just the sticky figure and the face (in computerscare)

VCV Library - computerscare Custom Blank

VCV Library - computerscare Custom Blank Expander

Ah. I see. It’s not in the regular collection. Thanks. This is actually the only blank that makes sense to me.

I think my manual page explains: they keep the dust out. :slight_smile:


And they stop you accidentally sticking a cable into the power bus.


Not to mention cats. I get that now.

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Eh, I like Blanks. The VCV and Computerscare ones are in my two top rows of most used modules


I think the vult one has an Easter egg

not in a blank, but I had an easter egg in etchasketchoscope and nobody discovered it but now it’s gone forever (in V2)

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the only thing like an easter egg that i found in it were the semi hidden patchpoints for controlling colors.

no, much more and stupid activable with a keyboard sequence :joy:

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There are other Easter eggs hidden in other blanks panels …

there are also easter eggs hidden in other modules than panels …

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close to two years worth of V1 patches which I’ll rather open in V1 - any pointers? Konami Code doesn’t do anything :smiley:

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