Good way to trigger drum samples?

Hey guys sorry for all my questions recently. Been playing around with the VCV Drums set I just bought for $30. I really like it but I’d like to also try some other drum sounds.

I already own a lot of great dum samples.

Rather than trying to sync an external drum machine via MIDI clock – always have problems with that with VCV Rack in the past – is there a good way to trigger samples in VCV Rack?

I’d love a module where I can load a WAV sample and then trigger it from gate sequencer. And have it simply play the sound.

Hi @JenniferG ,

Check out Samplerx8. You can load up to 8 samples in it. I created it specifically for drums. :slight_smile: Right-click to access the menu where you load the sounds.



Thanks so much I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

My SFZ player can play sample banks, so you could either a) play any drum banks you already have in SFZ format, or b) trivially make your own bank that would map each drum sound to a pitch. 16 voice polyphonic.

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Where do you save your samples? Did you make a “sample” folder under the Rack folder and put them there?

Thanks a bunch I’ll check out the SFZ player as well :slight_smile:

Lolz :wink:

Previous suggestions are great!

if you are using vcv as a vst I would recommend sticking with your built in drum rack or sampler if at all possible.

With vcv I try to think of “longevity” of a patch. In this digital realm this is meaning how much can my CPU take before it explodes.

In physical space this used to mostly refer to how many patch cables I had left.

I don’t understand your post. I think you are saying that a sampler built into your DAW will use less CPU that a sampler in VCV?

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Regarding the Samplerx8 and SFZ Player modules, is there an ideal sample rate to use? I mean should it ideally match the sample rate of the audio output in my audio interface? I have the output audio at 96K… but say if the samples are 44.1K… would it be better to have the output set to 88.2K or 44.1k vs 96K?

Nysthi SlimSimpler for 1 sample
Nysthi QuadSimpler for 4 samples

These are basic sample playback modules, well suited for drums/percussion samples.

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My favourite sampler for drums by far is the Lomas sampler.

Everything you need and nothing you don’t - CV control over which sample plays, start and end points, controls for pitch, attack and decay. Loop and record and a waveform window too. Very intuitive and easy to use.


My favorite sampler for drums is the cf Play.

Some of the things you need and nothing you don’t. No messy CV control over bunch of confusing things. Very intuitive and easy to use.

Its complexity matches well my skills. :crazy_face:


Seems like there are a lot of solutions thanks you all. I’ll try them all out :slight_smile:

Playing with the Lomas sampler right now… pretty sweet. Only uses 0.7% CPU utilization on my Mac M1 Mini. I like how I can say load a folder of the same instrument and pitch… but multiple recordings and then use CV input to have it randomly select which sample is played to make it sound more human I guess. (A neat feature but not required of course… seems pretty capable this module). I have to try the others… it’s the first one I tried.


The non integer ratios are fine. It would actually probably work better at the native rate of the samples, but that should be ok. Why do you run at a high sr, btw?

Sfz format lets you map multiple drums to one pitch and then use round robin or random to pick one. Most drum banks use round robin to avoid picking the same sample twice. There are many free or cheap drum libraries in SFZ format. Samples from mars have quite a few sample packs from vintage drum machines.

The Lomas one and cf Player (not Play, but specifically Player :slight_smile: ) are my favorites for this kind of thing, too. They have slight differences and are both fun and nice.

On the cf one, I like how you get reverse playback just by going slow enough (the speed parameter), which just flips into playing backwards when going “even slower than staying still”; on the Lomas Advanced Sampler you get backwards playback only by setting the start and end points in a reverse order. Oh, and cf is stereo, Lomas is mono. Then again, in the latter, you get an envelope with CV control, and can scrub through the sample selection via CV, too, and so on. Both are great for oneshots!

my preferred is nysthi::musicalbox2

where you have 16 samplers, all loading from the same directory,
drag&drop aware
all able to switch sample using TRIG or CV (midi note) mode (changes guaranteed free of clicks)
all with ACTIVE, START, STOP, VCA included, PAN included, MIXER included , waveshape displays included
stereo, pitchable, backwardable etc etc


If you like this,
then it is worth to try out the expander for SlimSimpler:

Sample randomization with CV, within the folder.

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If Im running a full drum rack in ableton with 127 samples loaded. yeah. Ableton handles that way better than a vcv patch would be as a vst on my Mac. SHit maybe I haven’t found the sampler in vcv that works for me. Also yeah maybe I was projecting a bit on my own current setup and machine needs when working with VCV. Was just trying to say save cpu power wherever you can if possible I guess. Cheers