Good tools for testing?

In the old days I did a lot of DSP stuff, and Bogaudio analyzers were my main tool. Sometimes submarine scopes for fancy timing things. And always 8 Vert for CV source, along with merge and split.

Now I need to find a decent “regular” scope, quantizers and chord displays.

What do people like?

I for one would love to see you create a sophisticated scale, chord and note visualization module that is perhaps also a poly quantizer. This could be used for testing as well as visualization of the music in a patch. We have all of these pieces in individual modules, I think.

It would be fun to have a sophisticated score module that is scale aware with key-signature visualization. Both Harmony and Meander have elements of this.

Interesting! I had thought for a brief moment when my brain was turned off that I could make a general purpose “show the score” thing, but quickly remembered that what we used to call “MIDI to score” is a very difficult problem, and the simple scoring in Harmony doesn’t even have any of the hard things in it. But a dedicated visualiser / quantizer… that’s doable!

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