Good scope?

Hey guys,

I am finding the choice in scope modules is small.

I am working with these most of time:

and in short I’d like to know whether I can find oscillosopes with more display options.

For example, I noticed I always struggle to display complex signals according to their periodicity, so I’d like a scope that can calculate it and display it immobilized, as does the vcv scope’s trigger or count modula’s freeze.

I don’t think this is what you are looking for but when I was debugging very small clicks in my module I used VCV Library - Submarine HS-101 and then hooked it up to a clock or trigger so that it would only capture one sample. When I didn’t have a clock or trigger I would route the signal through a delay then press capture once I heard the click, and the delay would be long enough that I could capture the issue on the scope.

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I’ve considered making a trigger module just to go along with Submarine. To get the features I’m used to from “real” scopes in the the 70’s… Trigger delay (which you mention) also AC coupled

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I really miss Omri’s scope from V1 - it had different quality (sampling frequency) settings and at highest quality it would capture pretty much everything.

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There may be a new one coming with some nice options: