"Global" controls to move across different stages of the patch

(please suggest a better title if this is not clear)

Recently I had fun building patches where I can simultaneously change various parameters of many modules through a single “global” control (usually 1-2 Vult Knobs, of course it can be more).
This approach seems especially useful when performing live, in order to keep control on the overall intensity of the music, or to move between different stages of the composition.

What are your ideas and suggestions on this approach?

(… is there any specific term for this workflow?)

Yes i see what you mean, i do that too sometimes, on a midi controller, I assign 1 knob to various parameters. If you plan ahead a bit, it’s definitely useful for live performance :wink:

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I think STS (Don) is making modules specially for this purpose?

I have 2 modules that are aimed to big changes in live performances
nysthi::surveillance that is a big knob controlling 10 CVs with atenuverters

nysthi::4hands that are 20 CV memory with scene recall, and animation using clock

PLUS if you need to record CV of a performance you can use nysthi::LOGAN20 that is saving a file CSV with clocked information for 20 channels CV

and to playback you can use nysthi::02NAGOL (that is a LOGAN LOGAN20 file player)

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