Glass Shard tutorial (Fr)

I had the opportunity to test Glass Shard. Thanks again to Andrew Hanson for that. Now, I have to summarize what is this module ;0) Well, a way to drive the random and the chaos ! Anyway, a great tool for creation…

For now, I created a tutorial about the basics of this module (how to start, connections, use cases…) Latter, I’ll for sure publish other videos about two companion modules: Glass Shim & Glass Smith.

My tutorial: VCV Rack - [2050] PathSet : GlassShard

Module in VCV Rack: VCV Library - Path Set Glass Shard

Manual: PathSetManuals/modules/ at main · patheros/PathSetManuals · GitHub

Hope you will have as fun as I had! Alain


Thank you so much for making a tutorial! I love seeing people use my modules.


Other are coming :blush: