Glass Pane Expander, +Pane

Excited to share +Pane, an 8 node expander for my network sequencer. Glass Pane.

+Pane is now available for free in the Library. If you aren’t familar with Glass Pane check out Omri Cohen’s video on Glass Pane.

Add +Pane to your patch through the context menu of Glass Pane. Place it on either side of Glass Pane, or both! Chain as many of them together as you would like for an endless number of nodes in your sequence.

Keep in mind each instance of +Pane has its own context menu settings. So you can independently change the CV range, ratchet speed and/or cycling and odds behavior.

I hope you enjoy the expanded clean slate +Pane provides today. And keep an eye out for more Glass related updates. Something very different is coming soon.


Wow, cool!

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a great addition for Glass Pane

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