Giorgio Moroder style bass and sequencer

Hello again, surprisingly this topic has not been mentioned before. Anyone got any good sequencer tips for making the said maestro’s bass sequence on ‘I feel love’ and ‘Love to Love you Baby’ or on his film scores ‘The Chase’ springs to mind. So any sequencer that would emulate that and bass ideas are what I am after. Please help a semi novice achieve Moroder bass Nirvana. I thank you all in anticipation.

Here is I Feel love, hit the spacebar and play z,d,v,b on your computer keyboard.

FeelLove Seq - 01082021.vcv (56.2 KB)

Thank you my good fellow, U always come up with a great patch. See what non musical mayhem I can cause with this. Much appreciated. Any idea about ‘The Chase’ tune from Midnight Express, I’m sure I have a MIDI file somewhere but was thinking more about synthesis.

Giorgio Moroder-Chase - YouTube

Working on the chase as we speak…

Oh you marvellous chap, jolly good, top hole!!

And here is (my rendition) of the Chase

The Chase - 01082021.vcv (71.3 KB)

Thank you. Is there anything VCV Rack wise you want from me-I have guitar style pedal emulations/fx chains-sonic mayhem style?

No thanks, not right now , but when I do I’ll let you know :+1:t2:

Ok mate, I’m usually loitering on here somewhere.

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A youtube vid of Moroder himself explaining “I feel love”.

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Thanks I will have a watch :smile: >

It’s quite easy in a timeline sequencer to enter what you want. I think my Seq++ is perfect for this, but I know other people like the Entrian sequencer.