Ghalebor - VCV Rack music nest

Hello Rackerz

In this topic I want to presents to you my newest music production. All of this production patches was made in VCV Rack .

Of course all of my VCV production, movies patches you can find on my YouTube channel here

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Enter amalgam interzone - Impression patch

Hello Rackerz.
Just after watching yesterday’s live broadcast of Omri I decided to try to create my patch that would be based on these two modules from the Valley. Two Interzone modules powered by an ion engine from Geodescis (Ions) passed through Amalgam from the Valley. From myself I added a second ion engine which drives another great Dexter module also passed through Amalgam. I present you all today.

here is my patch Enter amalgam interzon - impression patch.vcv (71.5 KB)

So that’s it, thanks for watching this video, don’t forget click the ok button if you like this. Or if want see more you can subscribe my channel. See You in my next movie.

Also You can find more on my Bandcamp site. You can listen my music here and If want you can consider to buy my music if you like it. This help me in my work.


"On the way" - Interzone + Spitfire Audio (LABS VST) Concept patch no#3

Hello Rackerz.

Yesterday I found on internet about free soundpack from Spitfire Audio I put link to developer site :
After login or after register you can downloaded some free soundpack and use this via VCV Host (as VST LABS plugin) like me. So I made this little patch today I’m using two Host instances with LABS plugin - “Amplified Cello Quartet” and “Frozen strings”. These two add some strange mood to this patch. I’m using also 3 Interzone modules from Valley to get some base hypnotic sequences and of course 2 PCM-LDrum free modules from Hora. I wish to you guys fun with this soundpack :grinning: See you in my next patch :vulcan_salute:

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Going to the other side - concept patch no#4

Hello again Rackerz.

Today I can present to you my new Concept VCV Rack Patch number Four. Just like my yesterday patch I focus on challenge with external VST plugin from Spitfire Audio. This time four instances of this VST plugin (four different soundpack) are manage by Foundry sequencer from Impromptu Modular. This is my base. CV signals from second Foundry track A and B going separately trough two ML Quantum Modules to EV3 from Squinky Labs. Recipe is such an “out” signal from each slap module (Vult) goes the first time directly to the mixer and the second time to a separate Vorg module from Vult and only from there goes to the separate mixer channel. From Foundry track “C” cv signal going trough anaother ML Quantum and Shift Register to four super saw VCO from Squinky Labs.

link to Spitfire Audio free soundpack

patch files here Going to the other side - concept patch no#4.vcv (128.4 KB)


Springtime birds calling - 8Mode SoftSN Machine experiment no#1

Hi Rackerz

Today I present my little test of new pre-release module from 8Mode SoftSN Machine. “The SN76477 is an analog/digital hybrid sound chip released in 1978. The SoftSN Machine provides controls and simulates the analog circuitry including 4 RC oscillators, voltage level inputs and digital inputs around a SN76477 emulator. This provides a fairly accurate reproduction of the real thing in a way that could be built in electronics from 1978 - including the quirks and limitations.”

You can find this module here on Github page:

I wish you many hours playing on this modules.

Cya to my next movie/patch entry

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Hey Rackerz
It’s me again today. I’m not planning this for today but I can stop myself. If I start something I must finish that . So result of my work you can watch now.
This time my next Is about meeting Alan (Turing Machine) from Skylights with seven instances of free soundpack from Spitfire Audio Labs VST plugin (VCV Host).

You can download it from here:


Spring time dancing lights - concept patch no#5

Hi Rackerz. Weekend is coming. Sun shinning outside the window. My dog barking. It’s time to go outside and enjoy the spring lights. This time I presents to you, this litte patch. I made this yesterday evening but this piece fully reflects the mood of today. I used some of the techniques that I have seen recently in Omri’s films. Very useful. Thanks to Omri. So have nice weekend Guys and Gals, all good patching for you.

And here is my patch file: Spring time dancing lights - concept patch no#5.vcv (52.1 KB) Have nice patching :slight_smile:


Lovely - rich, uplifting, great composition!

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More really good and interesting music :)… and the patches really help understand some of the techniques you use. Thanks so much for all your videos and pieces,… They are all truly appreciated and enjoyed. Keep up the great work my friend! Cheers, Nigel

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Oh thank you Nigel for your word. I’m realy apreciated. Last year I’m think I learned lots about modular synthesis from watching (your, Omri Cohen, ect…) videos on YT, about making music. But I’m still learn and Im think I never stop that :). Again Thanks Nigel for you work. I’m waiting for you next big movie. Cheers, Mateusz.

Entropia Takes All - VCV Rack experiment no#2

My fellow Rackerz. This time I present to you my sunday experiment. This is a looong patch evolved from little concept to huudge project. Sometimes my computer, especially the processor and graphics card barely cope with everything. But somehow I managed to get to the end. Unwanted clicks appear in places. At times, you can get the impression that nothing is happening but these are probably the moments when I wonder what to do next. The database of available modules is so huge that it is impossible to remember and learn to use them all. The whole game is based on constant experiments. I make this movie available to all those of you who want to follow the creation process. During the creation of this patch, I used several paid modules including Freak from Vult (it can be successfully replaced with two Tangents modules), Basal and Caudal modules also from Vult have their free counterparts.

Entropia take all.vcv (73.3 KB)

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BrainWave Experiment - VCV Rack experiment no#3

Hello Rackerz.
This time I present my little experiment with brainwave modulation.
I am not convinced that I am doing the right thing. If not, please let someone correct me. It is clear from my calculations indicate that the oscillation frequency setting between channels 1 and 4 of the mixer (sorry just happened same) is finally 8Hz. The main clock is 160 bpm - ok multiplied by 3 gives us 480 bpm (good?) Divided by 60 seconds (that’s a minute) gives 8 hertz (or 8bps?). According to the definition, Hertz is a unit of cycles per second. Is that correc? I found free vst plugin Convology XT You can find here:

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lovely folding layers of harmony - nice comp!

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VCP-28 Piano Drift

Hi Rackerz.

Today I persent my entry to next Very Cool Patch Contest number 28. This time ASAF-8 from MscHack module is the one. Yesterday I saw the last Omri’s live patch and I will confess that today’s patch is based largely on Omri’s idea. However, it’s not over. The overall concept is my original - I modified this and added a few things and several times I had to arrange the entire construction for technical reasons, I limited a certain number of modules to the necessary minimum. so as to reduce CPU usage. I did not finish it because during this movie one or two times I accumulated the accumulation of what you hear in the recording. It happens.This time, most of the modules used for the project are free modules except for three cases. Knock from Vulta belongs to the paid Compacts package and the VCV Host module is also payable. In the case of VCV Host, I used it specifically to use a free VST plugin from Spitfire Audio Labs and as part of this application I used the free Soft Piano soundpack - one of my favorites. You can find it here :

VCP-28 Piano Drift.vcv (128.0 KB)

Patchstorage link


Big-Button-Seq2 April Fools experiment patch no#4

Hi Rackerz. Today I present to you this big movie. I do not apologize for that. It happens. So you find in there some pops and klicks, a dancing White Rabbit in the left corner (joke), some strange behavior of Trummor2 module (at 49-:- 50 min of this movie), you can find (I hope) some kind inspirations for your future vcv rack project. All modules are free except two drums modules from AS Drums n’ Filters pack. Im not finish this patch yet. Left last one channel in BigButton to manage to fully develop this patch. So if you have any sugestions for this - any comments will be helpfull for me.

Big-Button-Seq2 April Fool experiment.vcv (96.1 KB)


You also had the “No waves loaded” in VVCO at around 52 minutes and the “I eat all your CPU” Vults at around 51 minutes, as you mentioned in your post.
I liked watching this patch evolve, nice work.

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I love this one, Fragile Moments!

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I love the sound of those simple sinewaves through the delay and reverb. Definately gonna use that… :slight_smile:

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Post Aprill Fools Close Encounters with patch

Hi VCV Rackerz Maniacks.

Today I am presenting to you such a small patch a bit stupid and bizarre but it’s the result of yesterday’s day after the April Fool’s Day joke.

Post Aprill Fool Close Encounter patch.vcv (39.4 KB)

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Final Frontier - Concept patch no#6

Hello Rackerz. Me again. For some time I have been working on a kind of simplification of my projects at VCV Rack. My main task is to use a limited number of modules while developing the structure of a given project, song. This patch is the result of such an experiment. I hope you like it. All modules that I used are free except Knock from Vult

Final frontier concept patch no#6.vcv (38.9 KB)