"Getting Started" and "Key Commands" articles now available in VCV Rack's manual




This is glorious Andrew, thank you!

“5. Drag a module…” - Maybe document the highly useful Ctrl/Cmd+drag command?

" Module commands…" - Maybe document the highly useful Ctrl/Cmd-i, -r, -u, -d and -e generic commands? Or maybe just add to “right-click module” that further generic commands can be discovered there…

“Ctrl+0 : Set rack zoom level to 100%.” - I didn’t know that! Suggestion for future Rack version (I know, I know): Make default-zoom level user-configurable, e.g. mine is 134%. This would be a small but very user friendly enhancement.

Thanks very much again!

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Thanks, I forgot about force-dragging modules. Added to Key Commands article.

Key commands documented in Rack’s menu bar and module context menu are not documented on that page.

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Thanks! Maybe add: Ctl+Click+Drag Vertically = Fine adjustment of parameters in a module

(Or is this not a universal convention?)

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It’s there in GettingStarted:

  1. Drag knobs up/down to rotate. Hold Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) while dragging to fine-tune
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Yes, please - - - user configurable default zoom level!!! Mine is 120% to show 2 rows of modules on my screen. I must spend 10 minutes total per day, 5 seconds at a time, tweaking & fiddling with zoom to get it to 120!

It’s not only universal in VCV, but I think it’s pretty common in other music apps :wink:

I was looking at the key commands section, where there is a similar (lonely) entry for the non-CTL version

sounds like an omission.