Getting random note from polyphonic signal

Hey everyone, help a VCV noob here.

I have a poly V/Oct signal coming out of my MIDI-CV module, which I will use to play chords, from 3 up to 8 note chords. My goal is to get a single random note from that signal. Is there an easy way to do this?

I tried something like this:

Which kind of does the trick, but still doesn’t quite work since sometimes I play less than 8 notes, which means that it is possible that the random will make this end up in a step where there is no signal on the input. I could try to control the number of steps by counting the number of separate active notes I have, but I’m also not sure how to achieve that…

Thanks in advance!

The easiest way is to use the gate and sum it to get a control voltage.

Set SUM to 100/“Max. Number of Polyphony” - that way if all notes are played you get 10V, no note played = 0V and everything in between. This is max. 4 note polyphony with 3 notes played - 7.5V.

This CV can then be used to set the number of steps on switches (maybe with further attenuation). Edit: You have to set Polyphony Mode on the Midi-CV to Reset, that way the channels 1 to X are always used and not rotated.


Genius. Thank you so much!

New Aaron Static module can help you. It chooses random notes from poly cable controlled by trigger. So in reality you should convert poly Gate to mono via Sum and send it to the trigger output


Looks like just what I need, will stick to @mosphaere’s solution since I’m using V1, but will probably start using that module once I move to V2. Thanks!