Aaron Static modules for VCV Rack 2

Now available at Releases · aaronstatic/AaronStatic_modules · GitHub


Added 2 new modules:

  • ScaleCV: Generates the selected scale and outputs a polyphonic signal
  • RandomNoteCV: Generates a random note (from the polyphonic in, if connected) when triggered

scalecv rncv



New module added: DiatonicCV

Generates a diatonic chord from the provided scale

Available now from my github for VCV Rack 2: Release v2.0-pre3 (for VCV Rack 2) · aaronstatic/AaronStatic_modules · GitHub


Windows build for Rack 2.git.588342d7 now released

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These look great!

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Builds added for Rack 2.Beta1

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The plugin appears to have unpacked fine in the Rack 2 plugin folder. But the modules don’t show up in the browser. I just installed beta 1 on my Mac. This is from the log:

[0.083 warn src/plugin.cpp:170 loadPlugin] Could not load plugin /Users/kylegrayyoung/Documents/Rack2/plugins/AaronStatic: Plugin binary not found at /Users/kylegrayyoung/Documents/Rack2/plugins/AaronStatic/plugin.dylib

It’s working for me on Windows

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@pgatt did the mac build, maybe he can help?

I deleted the folder, downloaded it again and it seems to be working just fine now. Not sure what happened the first time. Modules look great! Thanks!