Aaron Static modules for VCV Rack 2

Now available at Releases · aaronstatic/AaronStatic_modules · GitHub


Added 2 new modules:

  • ScaleCV: Generates the selected scale and outputs a polyphonic signal
  • RandomNoteCV: Generates a random note (from the polyphonic in, if connected) when triggered

scalecv rncv



New module added: DiatonicCV

Generates a diatonic chord from the provided scale

Available now from my github for VCV Rack 2: Release v2.0-pre3 (for VCV Rack 2) · aaronstatic/AaronStatic_modules · GitHub


Windows build for Rack 2.git.588342d7 now released

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These look great!

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Builds added for Rack 2.Beta1

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The plugin appears to have unpacked fine in the Rack 2 plugin folder. But the modules don’t show up in the browser. I just installed beta 1 on my Mac. This is from the log:

[0.083 warn src/plugin.cpp:170 loadPlugin] Could not load plugin /Users/kylegrayyoung/Documents/Rack2/plugins/AaronStatic: Plugin binary not found at /Users/kylegrayyoung/Documents/Rack2/plugins/AaronStatic/plugin.dylib

It’s working for me on Windows

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@pgatt did the mac build, maybe he can help?

I deleted the folder, downloaded it again and it seems to be working just fine now. Not sure what happened the first time. Modules look great! Thanks!

Hi! Love the modules in VCV 2, but I have a question about some small clicks that seem to happen when using polyphonic cables. Often a chord is a triad, so three polyphonic channels. But if there is a chord with four notes, like a seventh or a ninth chord, often the polyphonic channel count goes from 3 to 4, and this seems to cause a small click. I wonder if this is the modules, or some problem with VCV? I’d be happy to supply a small demonstration patch if that would help.


I think this has something to do with de-/activating polyphonic channels in the modules you have the chord generator for example connected to. Maybe they do not check for the current polyphonic channels on every sample, so there is a click, if it is recognized later that an additional channel should process and play a sound. If you know the maximum number of channels you could use some polyphonic utility module to always get 4 channels, Bogaudio ASSIGN for example.

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