Getting loaded plugin path

Developing a VCV Prototype, I’m wondering how I can get the path of the loaded plugin.dylib, in order to load additional resources from this base path. Is there a function to do that? Thanks.

In a VCV Prototype script? There is no way a JS or Lua script to access external files.

In a native Rack plugin? Use asset::plugin(pluginInstance, "res/MyModule.svg") for example.

In my Faust VCV Prototype, I would need to load additional Faust libraries, for instance putting them in “res/” or “examples/”. Is that allowed?

I see. I’d just use a faust_libraries/ folder or something in the root of the plugin directory. Use asset::plugin(pluginInstance, "faust_libraries") to get the absolute path to pass to the Faust API.

Don’t forget to add the folder to the dist build with

DISTRIBUTABLES += faust_libraries

Working thanks !

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