Getting graphical data out of a module

I’m interested in being able to get the graphical data from a module and stream it out to another program - for example, Blender.

Specifically, I’m looking at DocB Genetic Terrain module which draws the waveforms in a self-closing loop, creating some interesting geometric patterns.

source code is here: dbRackModules/GeneticTerrain.cpp at main · docb/dbRackModules · GitHub

I am aware that it is possible to send CV over OSC, but this would be a bit more complex – I guess I would need to map the variables responsible for drawing the curves to some kind of outputs?

I have very little knowledge about coding, but I thought I would mention my idea here in case anyone has any tips for me, or has considered/tried doing anything similar?

Logs cv to a csv file.


Thanks, that’s a really handy tool!

i forgot this one that does the same thing:

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