Getting Audio out of VCV Rack 2

How do you get audio out from VCV Rack 2 either as a WAV file or to conect it to your DAW. I am aware of the Convenience of the VST version in Pro but there used to be the ‘‘Bridge’’ which conected VCV to your DAW. What does VCV Rack 2 offer in this regard?

it offers the pro version
or some workarounds
and the record module to record wav files

Bridge has been deprecated since 1.3 I guess ? something like this

It has been deprecated to make it a part of VCV Pro as paid upgrade, and honestly it was not stable enough to be reliable (at least in my experience).

VCV 2 free offers nothing to connect with your DAW, you have to pay for the upgrade.

You can buy the Host & Host FX modules to use VSTs inside VCV tho

You have a few choices to record audio :

I use this one all the time :

This one for multitrack :

And for big projects :

Ok Thanks. So does VCV Host allow you to connect different VCV modules to your DAW. if this is the case what is the difference btween this and VCV Pro?

Reaper works extremely well with the free VCV Rack if you are on Windows. It has a full featured trial version that never expires, and the license is very inexpensive for when you start feeling guilty.

Install the optional ReaRoute ASIO driver when you install Reaper. It supports up to 16 channels. That allows you to select ReaRoute ASIO in VCV as your audio device, and you can configure individual Reaper tracks to send and/or receive to/from ReaRoute channels. It works great. I bought VCV Pro 'cuz I wanted to support the product, but I haven’t had any need to actually use the VCV VST in Reaper.


Hi! It also depends on your platform; I am on MAC and most of the time I use VCV (pro) in standalone mode, but route several audio-tracks to DAW via virtual audio channels of an aggregate device consisting of a hardware focusrite-card and the blackhole 16-channel virtual device. It works fine for me! My DAW is mainly a recorder and (monitor-) mixer, so no real need for syncing. My syncing (hardware-seq to VCV or the other way around) is done via MIDI-clock. Cheers, dDom

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I’m guessing most DAWs could work with this set-up. Can you point me to any video tutorials that cover this aspect. They seem to be rather thin on the ground. Thanks

I forgot : VCV Pro allows to have VCV inside your DAW as a VST plugin, this is quite the only thing that differs from the free version I guess

No, Host just can load 64 bit vsti/vst fx inside VCV rack, but has no connection to outside of the rack or to a DAW.

Reapers ASIO Reroute driver is a special Audio driver just for Reaper.

So Reaper allows you to connect VCV Rack to it with it’s reroute Driver? Just found a video explaining this for Reaper.Looks very straight forward. Connecting VCV in Reaper

That’s what I used to use before I got Pro. It works, but it’s fiddly - especially if you are simultaneously trying to get MIDI in and out of VCV using something like loopback MIDI - and prone to falling over. But, it’s ( kind of** ) free I guess.

** As Reaper isn’t freeware.

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