Getting access to library through API

Hopefully an easy one. I’m looking to get a list of all the plugins and modules in my library through the API.

I can get access to all the modules in my patch using APP->scene->rack->toJson(). I get a nice json object that I can work with. Is there something similar for the library through the API, or is it a case of grabbing each of the plugin.json files from my plugins directory?


Hack: the mb module from stoermelder lets you export a json of all your “favorites” and “hidden” modules. You could make all modules as favorites and do it that way.

To get a simple list of the plugins in the library, you can open:

To get a nice, spreadsheet friendly list, of all the plugins and modules that you have installed on your computer, you can do the following:

  • With your favorite package manager, install the jq utility. On Mac and Linux it’s just in your terminal, on Windows you can use e.g. MSYS2.
  • Navigate to your Documents/Rack/plugins-v1 folder and execute the following:

for F in */plugin.json; do cat $F | jq -r '.brand + ";" + .author + ";" + .name + ";" + .modules[].name'; done > modules.csv

  • This exports all the plugins and modules in a nice list (CSV file), where the columns are: Brand, Author, PluginName, ModuleName - like so:
23volts;Rémi Collin;23volts;Mem
23volts;Rémi Collin;23volts;Multimap
;Adrian Likins;Alikins;Gate Length
;Adrian Likins;Alikins;Color Panel

You will notice that people apply the brand and author thing quite differently.

Attached the CSV file and the Excel version from my computer:
modules.csv.pdf (99.8 KB)
modules.xlsx.pdf (61.7 KB)

Since the configuration of this forum does not allow either filetype, you will have to remove the .pdf extension after downloading.

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Thanks for this but I was hoping to access details of my plugins library from a module

I tried doing something like this:

for (plugin::Plugin* plugin : rack::plugin::plugins) {
		for (plugin::Model* model : plugin->models) {
			std::string str = model->name;
			const char* c = str.c_str();


but getting the error ‘plugins’ is not a member of ‘rack::plugin’;

Did you include plugin.hpp?

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Yeah got #include “plugin.hpp”

I mean the file in Rack’s include-folder, not the one in your plugin.

that could be it.

spot on mate! that was it. Thanks

Easiest is probably to look at the source of Stoermelders MB module.