Geodesics Entropia: Running at audio rates

So, I was looking at the Geodesics gold competition, and one of the “cheats” said:
“If your patch includes 3 instances of Entropia running at audio rates as VCO, your craziness shall be rewarded by +1 row.”

However, I have not been able to get Entropia to run at audio rates. Maybe I am missing something, but at a certain clock frequency (around 1200bpm) Entropia stops switching states. This is about to reach audio rates (you get ‘clicks’), and I was wondering if that is what is meant by the competition or if there is another way to actually get it to be more like a vco.

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Clock it with a VCO and it don’t clicky much.
Kinda like this:
Entropia audio rate no click.vcv (13.2 KB)

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Awesome! Thanks!