Generative patch - Morphing between two sequences?

Hi all,

I want a voice that is generative and changes very slowly and subtly. I’d like to use a sequencer that comes up with its own sequences. (I love Orca’s Heart but it could be any sequencer). I find when I change a parameter even slightly, the sequence is noticeably different.

I’d like to slowly morph between sequences over a (knob+CV) defined period of time. So at the beginning of this period, it’s 100% sequence A, and gradually adds elements (CV notes and gates) from sequence B (and removes those from sequence A) until at the end of the period it is 100% sequence B. If you run it again, it will morph from B to A.

OrangeLine has a module called Morph which doesn’t seem to be quite what I want.

So I imagine a module that has Sequence A and B gate and V/OCT inputs, a knob/cv input to define morph time (and/or a trigger input for stopping the morph), a trigger input to start the morph, and gate and V/OCT outputs.

Is there such a thing? Is it even possible?



Fate is used more to just inject random voltages into an existing sequence. i think they’re looking more for something that can transition from one sequence to another, not just change some notes in one sequence every now and then.

It can be used to feed it 2 different sequences and morph from one to the other.

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really?? i genuinely didn’t know about this functionality. will have to investigate further, thanks for the correction!

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Like this :

The free will will become a selector for changes from A to B.


Very interesting and worth exploring.

Very cool. I have used Fate before and did not realize it could be used this way.

I’m not sure if this has all the features that I am looking for but it does seem to be the basic concept. I’ll play around with it some more for sure!


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I think Geodesics had two sequencers with similar functionality, really. Not just Fate, which is a fantastic thing and it was already mentioned. So Ions had two sequences or two sequencers really. And each one of the sequencers could just go into another sequencer’s sequence, haha. The second one is Entropia and it could be used in many ways, a very beautiful thing, love it

But you could also do it yourself. Like with a mixer, for example. And you can even do some uncanny microtonal stuff in between, like slowly fading one off and another in, the result would be very surreal! Try it!


This comes close but doesn’t adhere strictly to time, as you suggest:


Man, I was just thinking the same thing, and figuring out a complex setup with Bernoulli gates and switches and what not. But this is great!! I’ve never tried that module out, but anxious to do so. I suppose you could add the 2 sequencers gates to an OR module to get the trigger to switch.

Edit, sorry I read you wrong, I thought it can route 2 CV + 2 gate inputs to the output.

As I understand it, the OP wants to morph from one sequence to another. Fate or Venom Bernoulli switch can do this, if both sequences have the same timing or rhythm. If not, I was thinking, a Bernoulli switch in latch mode which controls Bogaudio Switch. With the CV on top and Gates at the bottom. I’m not at my PC now, so can’t test it, or send a pic.

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Geodesics FATES was made with this purpose in mind. You can also consider Geodesics ENTROPIA it’s the same concept with two sequencer packed into the thing. The easiest way to do it would be

  • make sure you are in SWITCH mode (to switch teh two sequences, not add them)
  • set a sequence on the inner ring, and a second sequencer on the outter ring
  • use the top knob to adjust the general probability to choose note in the inner or outter ring
  • you can also adjust the probability of choice per step with teh middle ring
  • you can also set the two channels in external cv signal and send two external sequencers, in this case you s till have general and per step prob to choose, and the knobs are used as attenuators for the external sequences, so it adds a layer of control
  • you can also set only one ring to external and use the internal sequencer for the other sequence