Generative Patch #001

Hi there!

Been using VCV since start of pandemic.

Heres a patch i made.



Welcome! Glad you’re here. Nice patch so far. I started looking for a sampler to see if that’s what was playing the bird-like sounds early on. Which modules are creating those? They’re very nice.

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Glad you liking it :slight_smile:

The birds are beeing generated by the Chronoblob Delay, modulating the speed of the delays makes those whistle-like sounds… then just run them thru Platteau for space :slight_smile:

The Chronoblob is delaying the bell-like high pitch sound.


Here’s the link for the patch, forgot to upload it!

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Cool, thanks for the patch. Have you explored Patchstorage yet?

Will do, thanks for lettin me know!