Generative CV to Midi (in Reaper)

Hi all,

I’m using several VCV Sequencers etc to create some fun abstract beats and I’d like to record them as Midi so I can clean them up inside the DAW environment.

My initial stab at it was like this (Merge the CV into a Polyphonic cable then send to the CV>Midi module):

Then in Reaper, I make a new track and have it Receive the Midi signal from the VCV track. But so far no dice. Any ideas?



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Hey bud,

I don’t know about Reaper specifically, but this is how I do it in Ableton. The idea is that there’s one midi track that holds the VST and the next track receives the midi and records the track.

In Ableton I just change the input of the recording track to vcv2, that way you can have separate channels of midi all leading back to the one rack at the top.

hope you find the answer for your specific daw

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It depends exactly how it’s set up on the Reaper side because the VCV patch looks ok (provided you actually are passing in MIDI).

In Reaper I drag from a track’s “I/O” box to the track I want to record into then a dialog box appears and I choose no audio and usually on the MIDI side ‘ALL > 1’ if I want all the MIDI mapped to one channel (in this case channel 1). Like this


But you could leave the MIDI send as All > All if you have multiple incoming midi channels and are happy for all that MIDI in the same track. I’d rather set up separate MIDI tracks for the discrete channels like below so that everything received on channel 1 goes to channel 1.

send ch1

Then arm the receiving track for recording. Not at my pc right now, but that should work.

Edit: Just got in front of my PC. There is something else you need to do if you want to record MIDI into a track. Right click on the track and select Record: Output >> Record: output (MIDI) that will force it to record whatever MIDI that comes from the track. Very useful if you also use any MIDI effects on that incoming MIDI e.g. a JS:MIDI script that transposes it or forces it to a scale.


Imho the gate out (red cable) is conected wrong,
It should be connected to steps/trigger on the Seq3

ah i know what you’re sayin about the red gate line.

the way it’s set up in the picture (using CV on the gates) is how i’m laying down variable note lengths. If triggers from Seq3 are used, all the notes will be the same length in relation to the Tigger pulse time.

But it’s fiddly going into negative voltages. you’re right should have demonstrated somthin’ more like this:

teamwork makes the dreamwork bois

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you don’t show what you feed Merge with,
but you try to send the notes and the gates both from Merge to Reaper, for this you need two separate merge modules, one for the notes (1V/Oct) and one for the gates


Wow! Thanks so much everyone! I am well on my way! I was definitely missing the Record: Output thing, @main.tenant - thanks for that!. I swapped that over from Input and have a beautiful stream of midi coming from VCV. I am sure you’re right about splitting Trigger & Gate, @rsmus7.

Thanks, all, for taking the time to help a brother out. Very much appreciated!

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