Generative Chords with a Warning?

I’d like to use VCV Rack to play some chords that I can practice improvising over, but I am not quite sure how to pull it off. I have a set up to generate the chords, but what I am looking to add is a visual that displays the next chord that will be played.

I am thinking I’ll need something like BIGNUMBER and some kind of trigger delay so that I can send the chord name to a display before the CV actually changes the chord. Any ideas to help pull this off?


Or, have the chord display in realtime, and just delay the audio.


Oh, duh! That’s a way simpler solution than what I thought I’d need. Know of any modules that could delay they audio by a clock multiple?

Alright Devices’ Chronoblob has a clock Sync input:

If the module you use for chord generation has a display of the chord you could use a simple shift register (ML modules for example) to delay the polyphonic note-CV. The Trigger for the Shift Register is the same that triggers the next chord and then use output 2 to play the chord that was shown before on the chord module.

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my chord generator (currently in test) show standard music notation in real time. Don’t know if that helps.