gdb - "info proc mappings" fails

I’m debugging Rack 2 via make debug in the MinGW terminal on Windows 10, and when attempting to run info proc mappings in gdb I get the following response:

Not supported on this target.

Unfortunately, a search yields few results. Anyone know what could be the cause here?

My goal is to obtain appropriate start and end addresses for use with the gdb find command, in order to search Rack’s memory for a specific value. The reason is to attempt debugging a rendering error in Rack 2 – I’m planning to make a separate thread for my findings on that bug once I’ve put in a bit more legwork.

I don’t have anything to contribute to the proc mappings problem. But I did find a rendering error yesterday, which was caused by trying to draw nvgRect with a zero height. It resulted in a misrendered rectangle, but also extra pixels being drawn in the topmost layer of the display, meaning that they showed up in overlaid windows such as menus.

Interesting; the error I’ve run into is different (no zero height rect) but also messes with overlays among other behavior. I think I’ll go ahead and write up a thread now with what I’ve found, if only to provide a better place to discuss these errors.

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Have you tried google? It told me that some operating systems have necessary support for that command and some don’t.

I linked my google search in the original post. :sweat_smile:

Thank you, though.

Oh, sry. Yeah, I did a different search and found it first hit ‘info proc mapping’

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Thanks to this thread and your help, the original search is no longer a dead end! We are the second result.

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