Gated Chords - example

If you’d like to create chords with a single gate signal (per chord), this works!

In this example I used my QWERTY keyboard, Z key triggers the 1st chord and X key triggers the 2nd.


That’s a very nice trick ! Good use of Polyphony :wink: I would have never thinked of that !

ps: i think you are in the wrong category tho, this should go in Patches and plugins :slight_smile:

Seems like the right place to me, and thanks for the kudos!

Here’s a cleaner patch, with some mono FX and MIDI mapping:

The music category is for posting music you made with vcv (audio or video).
What you did (a patch idea / tutorial) should go in patches and plugin :slight_smile:

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Ahh ok, thanks. I got confused by the first couple of words in the description: “Patch files”. Also the Patches & Plugins category was renamed to Plugins & Modules.


it would be nice if you upload the patches too