Gate Vel via MIDI and for Drums


I would like to test this process:

  • Creating a Gate Velocity with a sequencer (I tried with Entrian, Seq, etc.)
  • Inject this signal in a MIDI port (I use for that virtual Midi Loop)
  • Extract the signal on the opposite side.
  • Apply the velocity to a Drum Here, I use Drummer from SKZ to create a level change depending of the velocity

As the Trigger and the velocity (Accent input) appear at the same time, I guess I have to delay the Trigger a little bit, and extend the Vel signal. With many tests, I can’t find how to do that…

After the ELSKER from NYSTHI, I use a VCA to recreate the Vel signal, before every module like this one process Gates and Triggers, and export Gates and Trigger (without the Velocity aspect).

An idea? I’ve been working on that for one week for a tutorial serie… :face_holding_back_tears:

Gate & Vel for Drums.vcv (3.1 KB)

Does this do what you want ?

Gate & Vel for Drums 2.vcv (3.1 KB)

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By a complete coincidence I woke up this morning with an idea for producing a variable accent on drums - using a gated value to control the volume so it sounds more ‘human’.

Here is my solution (there may be other ways to do this).

Gated Drum Accents.vcv (14.6 KB)


Thank you, but… No :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: In this patch, I need to pass these signals thru a virtual MIDI port. Here, you Accent signal comes directly from the output of the sequencer.

As the moment I pass these two signals thru MIDI, that doesn’t works any more…


Thank you. But I puse this way to do for general mix. Once I have a patch ready, I run it, use an external MIDI controller with faders to mix all the instruments, recording these MIDI messages with Entrian timeline. Then, I run the patch reading all these commands from Entrian. Like that, I use the external volume of Mindmeld. On the other hand, I have different accents and velocities, probabilities of all these parameters in the Entrian Timeline and Drummer. Thus, I can have expressions for each drum, in addition to the global mix. :blush:

Thank you anyway! Alain

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I saw that so I did this :smiley:

Gate & Vel for Drums 2b.vcv (3.3 KB)

You indeed need to delay the trigger going to the Drummer module by 1 smpl I did this with the sum module.

But you could replace it with ELSKER if you want to but don’t use the delay time (leave it at 0) the module alone will delay the signal by 1 smpl.

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That works! Yes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I don’t understand why :grin: So I will work on that to be sure to understand…

I thought it was a delay problem in my first tests because I had a similar problem a while ago with Entrian sequence. The phrase change trigger came at the same time as the clock signal. So it was too late for it to change its sequence. Richie explained to me that there was an option provided for this (right clic menu > clock delays of 1, 2, n samples). And it works very well!

Anyway, so many thanks :pray:

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How do know that the SUM module from ML Modules has a 1 sample delay!? Did you develop it?

And I realise I made the confusion between m/second and sample time when I used this type of delay module. Learning in progress…


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Just remember that every module the (cv)signal goes through adds one sample delay.