Gate to Trigger Converters.

Total noob question!

I’m trying to sequence the Korg MS-20 vst via Host in Rack 2 using the Seq 3 but am only getting a low click. What module do I need to convert the gate to a trigger? I’ve tried Count Modular G2T but I’m still getting the click unless I patch into the inverted output, then I can’t control the envelope on the MS-20.

I’m sure it’s pretty simple but I’m at a loss.

Thanks in advance!

Try things like Bogaudio RGATE and DGATE. You can also use VCV Gates module to lengthen (or shorten) gates.

Are you translating to MIDI or sending as CV? If the latter remember the MS20 talks Hz/V rather than V/Octave for pitch.

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“via Host in Rack 2”

I’m guessing it’s receiving midi note numbers like a common VST. (not 1V/Oct or Hz/V) But the user needs not worry about that, using VCV Host and a VST.

Probably, but just thought I’d mention it as I have an MS-20 mini and it caused me some fun passing CV pitch from VCV via an Expert Sleepers module,

That’s done it. Many thanks!!!

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