Gate problems with MIDI-CV module

Hi, i’m experiencing following problem: if i send notes from my daw and there is no space between the notes the gate won’t play in vcv2. There must be space between notes? It’s intended like this? Thanks

Unless you make it Polyphonic, there needs to be space for it not to be one long note.


I got the same issue. See post MIDI-CV strange gate behaviour - #6 by Pulsart @Jens.Peter.Nielsen sent a request to the support, but no new since then… Hope it will be fixed soon.

Try using the Retrig output port.

Hello and thanks for this thread.

I will try Retrig as I’m sequencing VCV with 16th notes from Ableton and I got almost random gate. Shortening notes may change my decay/sustain.

best regards Aspontex