Gate and multi output confusion

Hi. I have a hardware sampler module (Assimil8or) that has 8 trigger/gate inputs. On each of the 8 channels I have a piano/synth sample. I want to trigger these samples polyphonically with my Midi keyboard. I’m using an ES-8 to integrate the module with VCV.

The problem is, the polyphonic mode in the VCV MIDI-CV module sends a gate to each output everytime you hit a key. So if I route the gate to 8 different outputs, they are all triggered at once. How do I have it so that when I hit a key it sends a gate to output one, then a gate to output two, etc?

right click on the MIDI-CV MODULE and set it to POLYPHONY CHANNELS = 8

it should work

otherwise try a different type of poliphony, right click on the MIDI-CV module again and select a different POLYPHONY MODE

it should work for you, otherwise you have to use some kind of polyphony utility module as SUM, MERGE, SPLIT and so on

Unfortunately I have tried with polyphony set to 8 and have tried every mode, but it still sends all of the channels the gate at once. I will try to mess with the other modules you’ve mentioned

Edit: I have figured it out, using this module: VCV Library - HetrickCV Gate Junction Expanded

Simply patch the gate in polyphonic mode to the GateJunction polyphonic input and then the gate outputs will send in order without sending all at once.

ok sorry, youre right

otherwise a simple sequential switch

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