Gary's VCV journey

Hi all, I started with VCV in June 2019. I’m new to modular so thought it would be interesting to post my patches in here as a kind progress bar. I currently mostly use the free modules to make them patch friendly and links to all the patches are in their video descriptions. Would love to hear people’s opinions and I’m happy to help any other noobs out there looking for advice.

Cenote Segrado:

Chandra Grahan:

Launch Control Jam:

Caves Of Abaco:

Carol Of The Macro Oscillators:

Mother’s Cosmic Waltz (VCP-46):

Nouadhibou (VCP-45):




Mogwhy? (VCP-44):



a lot of work!

“caves of abaco” is my favourite, the only thing that I feel a little “out of place” is that the bass track sometimes is way too loud :wink:

Nice stuff ! Good luck on your VCV journey :smile: You are definitely on the right path :wink:

Great! Way better than my first patches, for sure. You’re definately on the right track, well done.

Thanks Alessandro, and yes the bass track runs away with it a bit, I’m going to have to revisit this one!

Thank you so much.

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Thank you Lars, to be honest there was a fair bit of noise before getting to this point and there’s so much advice and tutorials, I’m really amazed at what a great community this is to be part of.