fv-1 emu installation

Hi there,

I just found this awesome plugin that is able to emulate the SPIN FV-1 chip, details below.

However, I am unable to install this.

I have downloaded the zip file from github, put it in Documents/Rack/plugins-v1, when I open VCV Rack, I can see it unzip the file, however, it does not come up as a plugin in VCV Rack.

Any assistance with troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated.


It’s a version 0.6 plugin and hence won’t work with version 1+.

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I’ve downloaded VCVRack 0.6 and tried the same procedure to manually load the plugin into the plugin folder. The logs say that it can’t find the plugin.dll.

@netboy3 feel like a new project?

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This does not contain the module, it’s a source file.

I might have a few free hours this weekend so I’ll take a look :wink:


I’m assumimg it needs to be complied and it will generate a plugin.dll?

Second question is, how easy/difficult will it be to port it to 1.0?


Ask @netboy3 when he had a look at it this weekend :wink:

Ok, I download VCV Rack 0.6.1 and VCV Rack sdk 0.6.1 and compiled it using the commands make and make dist. This gives me a zip file where I loaded into the plugin folder. When I start VCV Rack it extracts the zip file but I get the below error message.

[0.230 warn src/plugin.cpp:84] Failed to load library C:\Users\djd_o\OneDrive\Documents/Rack/plugins/EH_modules/plugin.dll: code 127

Any idea why this is happening?

I’ve completed the plugin port to V1. The porting process required a few changes to the FV1emu module:

  • The DEBUG panel was initially drawn beside the plugin panel. V1 has strict control over painting outside the module panel boundaries. It is also not the best practice to paint over potential neighboring modules. So now, enabling “DEBUG” in the right-mouse menu will paint the debug panel over the whole module. Either clicking on the panel or right-clicking and un-selecting DEBUG will dismiss it.
  • The parser log is now sent to the general Rack log file when the “Parser log” menu option is enabled. Writing the log to a separate file beside the actual code file is not a good practice.

I’ve posted binaries for you to test and use in my FV1emu fork release page.

I will follow up with a pull request for the OP (Eduard Heidt).


Thanks for doing the work required to do this. It’s an interesting plugin.


OH WOW! Thanks so much netboy3.

I’ve verified the WIndows and Mac version of the plugin and it works!

Many thanks!



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gbiz’s eurorack Dervish project had collated some nice spin fv-1 algorithms.