Funky module/plugin update dates on the website's library page?

Hmm, so I noticed this thing, where a recently updated/added plugin doesn’t show up as recently updated in the Plugins list of the library page because of a date discrepancy?

The NANO Modules just updated, and the plugin now includes the SERRA module. The info page of said module says “Created: 4 hours ago”, but on the other hand… “Last updated: a year ago” ? The plugin must have been updated just now, as a new module appeared in it? Yet the plugin doesn’t show up at the top of the “Updated” sorted Plugin list, as it is marked as updated one year ago.

Sort of related, but… not quite, and more like thinking out loud: Surge XT doesn’t appear there at the top of the list either. The reason is perfectly logical there, it doesn’t have an “updated” date at all - as it was just created four days ago (from the point of view of the library, I mean; version, the first one that officially hit the library). Personally, I’d sort of prefer the first creation date to be marked as the update date, too, when adding a new plugin, so a brand new plugin would appear at the top of that list as well. But yeah, I know it’s less literally logical that way (and you can sort separately by the creation date as well : P)


Yeah, I noticed it as well with SurgeXT and it’s annoying. New plugins actually used to come out on top of the list and my theory is that “last updated” dates started going missing in the last 8 days.


Has anyone noticed that they have now a ‘- Remove’ next to every module on the default page? Even ones I do not own or have subscribed to?

Looks to me that it is only giving the Remove option for modules I have.

ah, saw why I thought, I have the free ALM busy circuits one, but forgot I added that. Heh, so many modules dropping as of late again that it’s tough to keep up o)O. So not an issue after all.

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I reported this ‘unsharpness’ to support yesterday. They will certainly take care of it, I think.


I have received a reply from support. The bug with the plugin view in the library is in their bug list and will be worked on as soon as possible. So we will have a little patience. Everything will be better :sunglasses:


Thanks! :slight_smile: (I marked the issue solved, maybe a bit pre-emptively hah, but this being a known issue and undoubtedly fixed at some point basically solves my wonderings about it.)

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