Fundamental Delay: used as a chorus/flange

I learn so much stuff from you guys, and I love posts about simple little patch tricks, so I figured I’d share this little discovery I experienced recently. I always heard that you could make your own flange or chorus by modulating the time on a delay effect, but for some reason everytime I tried this in VCV it always sounded glitchy and just introduced unwanted noise. However, I never tried it with the Fundamental Delay module since i usually went for stereo delays, but obviously you can just use two modules or just split into stereo afterwards.

Anyway, on the delay, turn down time knob all the way, turn up feedback & mix knobs, put a lfo (or whatever) cv signal through an attenuator or vca and then plug that into the time input of the delay module, then start turning up the attenuator or vca until you hear the effect and it sounds really nice & smooth i thought! Btw: the nysthi chorus, the autimn vibrato, Vult Rescomb, XFX comb filter, all sound really nice too for these types of effects, but different tools for different jobs i say!