Fundamental ADSR: Is it polyphonic?

I tried making a poly patch with the ADSR module and it didn’t work. I then tried using the starter patch (the one that you get when you create a new patch), and it still didn’t work. Is the ADSR supposed to be poly, or am I missing something.

To answer : Yes the ADSR is tagged as polyphonic.
So tell us what are you trying to do ? I’m sure somebody can help you :slight_smile:

I am trying to play multiple notes through one ADSR module, but whenever I start to play a new one, the old one cuts out. I realise that it is tagged as poly, but i cannot get it to play poly.

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I’m not sure i understand really well how you patched the adsr, can i see a screen shot ? or have the .vcv file ?
Also make sure to set polyphony in the right click menu on your midi module, maybe it’s just that :wink:

while setting it up, I realized that my polyphony was set to mpe. all of the other modes work though. Thanks.

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