Function generator with continuous range

Hi all,

I have been searching for a function generator that has:

  • a continuous length control from say 20 min (0.00083333 Hz) upto 1 ms (1000 Hz)
  • a separate control over the rise and/or fall
  • a one-shot or looping switch
  • a response control from logarithmic-linear-exponential

I could not find one that has all. Shapemaster comes close, but has no separate control over the rise and fall (you can only shift a node to bias the curve with a mouse, which is different and not very handy in live performance) Other like Rampage or Tides work with range switches, so you cannot change the time smoothly from extremely slow into audio range. There is always a switch involved. The AD from Nysthi is nice, but does not have a big range to function in the range from 60 sec or slower. The response curve is not really important, you can do this quite easily by feeding back the output into the rise/fall cv inputs.

Maybe I am not seeing it, or missed something on the mentioned modules. Any tips?


ALM’s Pip Slope Mk II is said to have a maximum length of over 7 minutes per stage and seems to accomplish pretty much everything else you requested. Can’t say much because I’ve never really used it. Have you tried that one?


No I havn’t. I’ll try that one, thanks!

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Let me know if you have any luck! Best time I could get out of it was about three and a half minutes. External CV doesn’t seem to do much in extending that range. To be fair, they don’t market it as having a 7 minute slope, I got that as a result upon a quick search. Still an awesome module though.

Maybe it is 3,5 minutes per slope, so both at maximum adds up to 7 min… I can test it tomorrow

One week later…

Unfortunately Pip Slope Mk II only goes up to 100 Hz, not 1000. So I cannot use it as a one shot/looping function generator that goes well into audio range. The search continues :slight_smile: This all started in finding a function generator that kind of works like a MakeNoise FG. Like the one you can find on the 0-Coast -which I am studying right now.

And I actually found a workaround using two channels of Shapemaster Pro (one for rise and two for fall) and combined the two with a comparator max voltage output, or what some call an analog OR function.

Using the EoS output (which is slightly earlier then the EoC) so that ch1 triggers ch2 and back if you want loop on, you get a rather smooth output. Only in the high audio rate the attack trigger can be noticable. But with a bit of smooth (0.2%) on channel 1 this is hardly noticable. The curve is not perfect, but the effect is good.

The log ↔ exp control I do with feeding back the CV out into length CV. So the frequency actually changes when you change the response curve (this is what I want). If you use the built in warp, which also shapes the curve from log<->exp, it does not have this effect.

With Patchmaster you can create a custom controller for each channel. Works really great.

I am happy with this solution for now, although Shapemaster Pro is quite an overkill for just 1 function generator :joy: But I will easily find other uses for the remaining 6!

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I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for (because I didn’t entirely understand it), but here’s a BASICally script that does much of what I think you wanted to achieve.

1ms to 20min.vcv (2.1 KB)

Tell me where it doesn’t match and I can tweak it. Or you can, of course.

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I will try it out and will let you know.

Basically I am studying the behaviour of a MakeNoise function generator that can be found as “Slope” in the 0-Coast or 2 of them in the Maths module.

Re-inventing the wheel to become a better driver :upside_down_face:

This works nice, but it cannot control the rise and/or fall times independently. It has a ratio control, which is also interesting, but not what I was after.

This could be my first encouragement into using the module more :slight_smile: so thanks a lot!

Got it, that would look like this.

1ms to 20min - 2.vcv (2.1 KB)

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