Fun with CV-MIDI triggering external instruments

I realized something last night - if you send MIDI to external MIDI instruments, Rack doesn’t know about the audio latency involved. No problem, you just need to use a signal delay on the clock. The undelayed clock goes to the external instruments. In this case I was triggering a Meeblip Triode…

But this turned into a question for @jeremy about Gridseq: What’s up with those short trigger spikes that happen after some note triggers?

2022-06-02.vcv (5.2 KB)

I think it has to do with the one sample delay added by you connecting the first 1Pattern to the second one. I added a delay and I think its gone. 2022-06-02 sample delay.vcv (5.3 KB)

Wow how did I get this far without noticing it. It’s like the current row starts a note, but the second 1pat switches rows to a cell with no note and the gate blips out of existence. Good catch.

I do like the 2 1Patterb with the first clocking the second though. Then you can click added divisors to slow down and stagger the sequence but it still progresses top to bottom sequentially.