Fully expanded ES-9 - Using the last expander slot

Hi Folks,

So I have achieved full expansion on my ES-9. I know of the issue with the ES-5 and expanders misbehaving unless a constant voltage is applied to the next unused slot and the expanders do behave properly when doing this but, what are you supposed to do when you are actually using all of the expansion slots?

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I’m not sure of the ES-9 as I’m using an ES-3 with ES-5 and expanders. There was an issue in RtAudio with the conversion of float to integer which caused the expanders misbehaving in certain situations.
This has been fixed in RtAudio and I’m using a custom build of Rack since then without any problems. Maybe this helps.


Thanks Ben. That explains exactly what is going on. I’ll do a custom Rack build.

OK, so that hasn’t solved the issue. Rack v1.1.6 master built with the rtaudio version from https://github.com/VCVRack/rtaudio.git. Could I have messed up the build? In order to pick up the aforementioned rtaudio code I updated the url in .gitmodules. Was there anything else I needed to do?

Anyone got any other suggestions?

Extra details on the issue. The hardware is set up is as follows:

  • ES5 Connected to ES-9
  • ESX-8CV connected to ES5 Slot 2
  • ESX-8GT connected to ES5 Slot 3
  • ESX-8CV connected to ES5 Slot 4
  • ESX-8GT connected to ES5 Slot 5
  • ESX-8CV connected to ES5 Slot 6

Patch is set up as shown below:

  • Clock Divider is connected to the 8GT that is the ES-5 outputs
  • 8FO is connected to the 8CV (slot 2 on the ES5)
  • Buttons module is connected to the 8GT (slot 3 on ES5)

When the buttons on the Button module are all off (8GT connected to slot 3) and ES3 gate output 8 is low, the CV module in slot 2 freaks out until the ES8 gate output is taken high again.

The yellow trace in the following is the 8FO signal being sent to the 8CV, the red red trace is output of the 8CV module: