Full-time parent music-making time management


My name is Marvin, I live in Brooklyn and I am a part-time artist with a full-time job ( FTJ ) and a full-time family (FTF), I used to be a full-time artist with no job and a girlfriend. Times have changed and now I am struggling to escape from my FTJ and get back into full-time music-making.

My FTJ is physically demanding and at end of my workday, I am so beat that I often have no energy left to make beats, and when I come home I have a family who wants all my attention and I don’t blame them I love them very much. But I want to give them more, I want to give them me back.

I am not even close to getting out of my FTJ yet :grimacing: but I’m working on it. Working together with other artists has helped for accountability and keeping my creative ax sharp. Especially my weekly collaboration with video & performing artist @tisnuttly set me off on a new path and mission.

We set the bar very low by making 2 min videos and tracks and exchange that back and forth every week. The idea is just to make, no perfectionism, no mastering, no this to hi this to low, the video is this or that, NO!! No time for that right now, because we are both at a FTJ :rofl::joy::unamused:

After 8 years of nothing, I am on my creative path again, I was very rusty getting started, but I’m slowly finding my rhythm.

Let me know if you are in a similar situation or was and how you are holding up or how you got out! How do you organize your music-making passion around a FTJ and FTF? Or maybe you have another full-time thing going on

I hope to hear from you