full screen scope?

i wonder is it possible for a scope module to have an option to display on a second monitor?


@Omri_Cohen used to have a scope that did that (among other things) but unfortunately he chose not to port it to v2.


im surprised vcv 2 doesnt have this, hopefully someone will make it.

i know it’s at least possible for a module to create an external window, so it’s almost certainly doable.

There must be a hero out there somewhere… I feel like this is a great feature

yes, the RPJ Low Fat Milk visualizer has a version that spawns the animation in a detached window.

Well, I wish I had the skills to do stuff like this but the people who helped me with this are not available anymore. There are also other things to improve like the blanks and such so there’s just not enough time…


I ported the scope (only) to v2 for my own personal use.

As you’re the original owner, I’ll let you decide what you want to do with it. I can include the blanks (which I don’t use) if you like.