Frozen Wastelend 1.20

The latest version of Frozen Wasteland has hit the library! Sleek new UI including knobs that reflect CV control New Conditional QAR Expander Probably Not(e) - Math Nerd has tons of new features Lots of bug fixes



I like the new look.


Congrats! I also dig the new aesthetic.

Quick crash report on Windows. I received a hard crash when dragging the QAR Irrational Expander on a patch:

[19.299 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\Users\theli\DOCUME~1/Rack/plugins-v1/FrozenWasteland/res/VoxInhumanaExpander.svg
[19.310 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\Users\theli\DOCUME~1/Rack/plugins-v1/FrozenWasteland/res/CDCSeriouslySlowLFO.svg
[19.320 info src/window.cpp:72] Loaded SVG C:\PROGRA~1\VCV\Rack/res/ComponentLibrary/RoundSmallBlackKnob.svg
[31.439 fatal src/main.cpp:45] Fatal signal 11. Stack trace:
22: ZN4rack10appDestroyEv 0x456435
21: gai_strerrorW 0x739800
20: _C_specific_handler 0xdabc7f60
19: _chkstk 0xdb5b1f60
18: RtlRaiseException 0xdb561020
17: KiUserExceptionDispatcher 0xdb5b0b80
16: ZN31QARIrrationalityExpanderDisplay4drawERKN4rack6widget6Widget8DrawArgsE 0x974dba0
15: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1_8DrawArgsE 0x4a776c
14: ZN4rack3app12ModuleWidget4drawERKNS_6widget6Widget8DrawArgsE 0x492bba
13: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1_8DrawArgsE 0x4a776c
12: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1_8DrawArgsE 0x4a776c
11: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1_8DrawArgsE 0x4a776c
10: ZN4rack6widget10ZoomWidget4drawERKNS0_6Widget8DrawArgsE 0x4a83e2
9: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1_8DrawArgsE 0x4a776c
8: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1_8DrawArgsE 0x4a776c
7: ZN4rack2ui12ScrollWidget4drawERKNS_6widget6Widget8DrawArgsE 0x4a3fd4
6: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1_8DrawArgsE 0x4a776c
5: ZN4rack6Window3runEv 0x4594ea
4: main 0x781840
3: main 0x781840
2: main 0x781840
1: BaseThreadInitThunk 0xdb427020
0: RtlUserThreadStart 0xdb562630

looking good! thanks :slight_smile:

not enough info to see what happened. can you send patch? Also GitHub is best place to report issues :wink:

love that feature :star_struck: