Frozen Wasteland 2.1

Hi all

Looks like it has been relased. Hope you enjoy, constructive feedback always welcome :slight_smile:

previously: I’m tentatively stepping back into vcv world. I cleaned up a couple bugs in regards to upwards compression and transients on my compressor modules (Manic Compression).

I am also adding a new module. Not sold on the name right now (so open to suggestions) but it is loosely based on xoac devices’ sophia (which is itself based on an old IRCAM synthesis technique). Anyway, i’ve expanded on things a bit with 4 formant/ripple generators and more waveform options.

I think it sounds pretty cool and it seems like a cool VCO to easily create vowelly sounds without a filter (not that you can’t use a filter)

Still doing some UI clean up (and maybe a name change, hint, hint). but here is a video running through the basics.


Welcome back! Look forward to using the new module!


the scope display reminded me of a Dragon Dance, as seen on Chinese festival parades

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Super cool re Sophia. Dig the name.

sounds cool! looking forward to taking it for a spin.

Awesome, good to see you back!

This is great. I love your modules

is nice to see you back, let me know if you need some help with the graphics

It sounds beautiful-DAF beats, formant twinkles, oh how you spoil us! DAFfromant is that name a too bit silly.

I love the sound of the Sofia demos that I have heard, and I am thrilled with the results of my VCV rack patched emulation of Sofia

I am intrigued with your take on Sofia. I see you have two pair of ripple elements (X1/X2, Y1/Y2) instead of one (A/B). And it looks like the X pair support sine and square, and the Y pair sine and triangle? Yet your direct X and Y outs are all sine and saw?! I look forward to trying your new module out.

I have been toying with the idea of taking a crack at producing a Sofia emulation module. But I need to create a “basic” oscillator module first! (one with a bunch of features that I have been wanting to facilitate construction of emulation patches, and unable to find all within one module)

HI Dave, basically yes - twice the # of ripple generators as sophia. The direct outs actually send either the square/triangle/sin waveform that was selected - I was just having trouble coming up with the appropriate icononagraphy to differentiate between “osc” out and “env” out :slight_smile:

Ahhh, got it. Thanks!

now gotta finish new expander module for QAR and 2.1 should be ready…


Did you consider having a cluster of direct outs for X1, X2, Y1, Y2, M, and then a separate cluster of envelope outputs for X1, X2, Y1, Y2, and then the main mix output stand alone? The clusters could simply be labeled with text. Just a thought.

Looks like a fun module either way.

not sure I understand? Do you just mean reorganizing the individual outputs for the ripple/formant/whatever you want to call them? And M is the output of the fundamental, just haven’t gotten around to labeling it yet :slight_smile:

Yes, simply a rearrangement, sorting (grouping) by function and then letter, instead of letter then function. I think then you might be more comfortable with text for envelope (or env) and direct (or raw). But your current arrangement certainly works and is logical. Just the icon is a bit confusing.

not gonna disagree there :slight_smile: Its a work in progress

Welcome back Eric! This sounds great!

So much new stuff coming out these days, I forget how good some of the old modules are. I was playing about with Delayed Reaction the other day, along with a lot of the Frozen Wasteland modules it’s still unique.

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Got the other new module working (again more UI cleanup needed)

This is total mad scientist territory (so, normal for me). This combines my obsession with CV control for everything with my love of using grids to control a large number of parameters at once. So, in what may be a first for VCV, I have created an expander for expanders :slight_smile: Basically for the QAR expanders that have a lot of controls (groove, probability, conditional), you can now throw a grid expander next to them and do more crazy things

coming soon!


Hi, Eric! I wanted to say about QAR.

  1. When you add warped space module vcv crashes.
  2. Often in Well Wormed mode crashes vcv
  3. X-steps do not work correctly.
  4. Idea to expand functionality. Why not make it possible to divide each bit for example into 3 parts or more as in buchla 252E and make it possible for each bit its own length as in buchla, and in general there are many cool features that are worth adopting ).
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