Fresh build of Rack2 crashes in module browser

Anyone run into Module Browser crashes?

By the way, all of this built easy as pie. It seems to work fine – I maybe went one plugin too far and something isn’t rendering properly in the browser.

I’m trying to build a template patch. It crashes when I bring up the browser and attempt to add an Impromptu Clocked.

template.vcv (3.1 KB)

Windows 10/Intel i7/32gb ram Built V2 from source: Git SHA 219bbaf137d5dc70c96bd4206c3f8aad5524a81b

Built these plugins from source (v2 branch) AudibleInstruments ESeries ImpromptuModular SubmarineFree hetrickcv Befaco FrozenWasteland JW-Modules VCVRackPlugins Bidoo Fundamental MindMeldModular

I can run Rack & see all those modules, but when I open the Module browser Rack Crashes:

[21.416 fatal adapters/standalone.cpp:49 fatalSignalHandler] Fatal signal 11. Stack trace:
40:  0x0
39:  0x0
38: _C_specific_handler 0x7fffc199acc0
37: _chkstk 0x7fffc30081d0
36: RtlRestoreContext 0x7fffc2f95160
35: KiUserExceptionDispatcher 0x7fffc30072e0
34: ZN4rack10contextSetEPNS_7ContextE 0x6fa294d0
33: nvgFill 0x6f9fb7fd
32: ZN4rack6widget17FramebufferWidget6renderENS_4math3VecES3_NS2_4RectE 0x6fa9a6d8
31: ZN4rack6widget17FramebufferWidget4drawERKNS0_6Widget8DrawArgsE 0x6fa9b0a4
30: ZN4rack6widget6Widget9drawChildEPS1_RKNS1_8DrawArgsEi 0x6fa9c9a8
29: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1_8DrawArgsE 0x6fa9cb4a
28: ZN4rack6widget10ZoomWidget4drawERKNS0_6Widget8DrawArgsE 0x6fa9cdf6
27: ZN4rack6widget6Widget9drawChildEPS1_RKNS1_8DrawArgsEi 0x6fa9c9a8
26: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1_8DrawArgsE 0x6fa9cb4a
25: ZN4rack6widget6Widget9drawChildEPS1_RKNS1_8DrawArgsEi 0x6fa9c9a8
24: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1_8DrawArgsE 0x6fa9cb4a
23: ZN4rack3app7browser8ModelBox4drawERKNS_6widget6Widget8DrawArgsE 0x6fed49f0
22: ZN4rack6widget6Widget9drawChildEPS1_RKNS1_8DrawArgsEi 0x6fa9c9a8
21: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1_8DrawArgsE 0x6fa9cb4a
20: ZN4rack6widget6Widget9drawChildEPS1_RKNS1_8DrawArgsEi 0x6fa9c9a8
19: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1_8DrawArgsE 0x6fa9cb4a
18: ZN4rack6widget6Widget9drawChildEPS1_RKNS1_8DrawArgsEi 0x6fa9c9a8
17: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1_8DrawArgsE 0x6fa9cb4a
16: ZN4rack6widget6Widget9drawChildEPS1_RKNS1_8DrawArgsEi 0x6fa9c9a8
15: ZN4rack6widget6Widget4drawERKNS1

Most likely the problem lies with one of the plugins. Not certainly, but most likely. The browser doesn’t render the modules until you scroll down to them, so it can be a case everything seems fine until you open the browser, or scroll down to reach the one you want.

I tried with these plugins built from source and I can’t get any crashes, so perhaps it’s with another collection not in my list:


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It stopped crashing as soon as I moved the Bidoo plugin into jail.

How recent is your Bidoo build? The source was updated a few days ago and that one seems OK (the previous one did crash)

Sorry I spoke too soon about that. Turns out it was Vult!

If your Bidoo build is more than a few days old, it’s much more likely to be Bidoo (known to crash) than Vult.

No I’ve verified that it was VultModulesFree.

This is JUST the browser crash. I was actually clever about this.

In the Documents/Rack2 directory I made a directory ‘jail’ and moved all the plugin directories out of Documents/Rack2/plugins into jail.

Then I added them back in one by one until I could duplicate the crash. Everything was fine until Vult.

I did the same process of elimination - but it turned out that the Bidoo crash was persistent - in that it could cause a crash even after removing it from the plugin folder (this was in the SE VST though). This initially led me to blame another plugin (Stoermelder) - but it turned out it was indeed Bidoo causing the problem.

Bidoo has crashed for me going back to 0.6, but in this case it was Vult. And I don’t blame @modlfo - he’ll figure it out if it’s reproducible on his end.

And I just noticed that the Vult Free Beta Version isn’t built against the latest V2 sha 219bbaf137d5dc70c96bd4206c3f8aad5524a81b

So I’m sorry @modlfo to accusing your plugin of causing crashes. May well be that the problem is that the API has changed since you put up your beta.

But Leonardo I NEED ME SOME VULT!!! :grin:

Pretty sure there is a Vult Free built against that version.

@chaircrusher Here’s the link for the latest Rack SDK. Probably you downloaded the previous.

Release Vult Free 2.git.219bbaf1 · modlfo/VultModules · GitHub