Frequency Domain: dont mind if i do!

i never even saw the development of this project mentioned but today i noticed these great new Frequency Domain modules in the library. thanks @jerrysv and Eric from Frozen Wasteland. i’ll be playing with these all weekend.


love at first sight for delayed reaction and morphology :clap: now we need more fx channels on the mixmaster…

harmonic convergence is deeper, I definitely need to be inspired and sit down properly…

i’ve only been able to try them all out for a short time but today i will dive deeper. Harmonic Convergence seems fantastic. i see an @Omri_Cohen video on these soon. :mushroom:


i discovered them yesterday, played with some of the today. i was looking for these kind of processing, and i found it. they are great.

incredible modules, for me.

i must quite zoom in to work with them, no prob. and of course must learn them better. i know the basics and more of these kind of things, but still each have their own take.

quite unique. recommended for experimental spectral/granular stuff, the synthesis i am now into, for 2 months!!!

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let me know if you have any questions about them. An update is coming to Box of Revelation that improves CV control (each axis can now be linear, logarithmic or exponential on a model by model basis). Should make controlling frequency in particular much better. Also, new module coming soon as well. Too soon to go into details though :slight_smile:

They are Deep and fun, Also you can get unique sound

i impatiently wait for these modules to appear in V2… make them premium, they are worth it…