Freezing a signal


To facilitate the study of audio signals (typically human voice and its formants), I would like to be able to freeze them at a given moment.

Listening to an audio signal, click on a button, and keep this signal to make measurements, comparisons… Any idea?

Alain, Fr

HS-101 Hi-Res Storage Oscilloscope can record a signal for later inspection


Yup. Also the “Count Modula::Quad Trace Oscilloscope” has a helpful freeze button.

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nice for capturing and replaying.

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yes, using it in PRE-RECORD mode

Thank you! I didn’t remember, of course it’s helpful.

I didn’t know this one. Thank you. Alain

I use it for that indeed. I use also the one with 4 samples, one for each formant. But I wondered if there were something else, an other approach. No idea about what! Thanks anyway. Alain

What is it?

By the way, I’ve never find the documentation about Nysthi modules. Do you know where they are?

There is no manual for Nysthi modules. Sometimes these modules are emulations of Eurorack modules, and docs for some of them might exist somewhere, but then, it’s common for Eurorack modules to have no documentation either.

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In one of @Omri_Cohen’s video about this module, I’ve just discovering the Slice feature. This is a nice way to loop in some parts of a sample…

Thank you all! Alain