Free electrical engineering course by Vult

I’m releasing a free Electrical Engineering course together with Wolfram U.

If anyone wants to check it out here you can find more information


I’m signed up. Looks great. You are the giver who keeps on giving to the community, Leonardo!

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Interesting, but it says the course requires Wolfram Language and Wolfram System Modeler. And while these do have a trial version, they are not free/gratis programs.

The course itself does not require having the tools installed or even being familiar with them.

I think that is mentioned because all other courses, which have a very different focus than this one, make heavy use of Wolfram Language.

Only if you want make your own simulations based on the circuits I show, you need to use System Modeler. But of course, you can do it as well in your simulator of choice.

There are a few cases where I use Mathematica functions, for example, to solve systems of equations. If you want to repeat the process, you could achieve that in any other tool with symbolic solving capabilities.

The notes (notebooks) are Mathematica documents. To view them there is the free Wolfram Player. But if you want to modify them you need a full version.

I think that when registering you get a trial license so you can explore the notes, documents and models of the course.

If you really like the tools and want to continue using them, there are different levels of licenses. The student and hobby licenses are affordable (you’ll have to judge that). But probably the most affordable way of using Mathematica (not System Modeler) is to use it on Raspberry Pi which allows to install it for free.

If you are part of an university, many of them have site licenses to Wolfram software and the students can use it at no cost.


cool, thnx for the explanation!