Free DL of Limiter VST Plugin

This is a limited time thing, according to the e-mail from the Bedroom Producers Blog.

But if you don’t already have a good limiter plugin in your arsenal, check it out.

I installed it and tried it out, and the user interface is really helpful for modern mastering. As for the sound, if you can hear a limiter working it’s never a good thing. What you aim for is to hit your target loudness without trashing your mix.

It has something every mastering limiter should have, which is a switch to compare the output to the input, matching the levels. It also has a button that lets you hear the processing without the input signal, which is good for learning how it is changing the mix in the process of limiting.


thanks for the info, seems good…but I was late :expressionless:

I will remain with 998 limiters instead of having 999 (and of course loading the usual 1 or 2)

It turns out I have form for posting free limiters.

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So yeah this great too. It’s a clone of the classic Waves L1 ultramaximizer, which is responsible for decades of over-limited dance music.

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