Free Binaural Impulse Responses and patch of Urban concrete spaces

These IRs are from my research whilst making my film Breath

They are very effective at wrapping audio in a sense of great distance in the open. At the time of recording there were very few people or traffic around. This comes across in the IRs. I have created a test patch too. The instructions on how to use and download are in the link below. I have also annotated google maps so you can visit the actual locations of the recordings. Those files not marked "binaural are stereo coincidental. There were recorded whilst officially shadowing a master pyro-technician through the locations.

All 48K 24bit

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Thanks! The download link in the article for the IR’s point to a YouTube video. I belive the correct link is this one instead.

That is correct. The article points to the youtube film and the link is below the film description along with the other links. You visit to my blog and Youtube is a way of saying “thanks” for this resource. It helps those of us who provide free resources to get our work seen and heard.

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