Free 1980's Usborne computer book pdf files

Usborne has posted some of their obsolete 80’s computer books to download for free at:

There’s the awesome “Keyboards and computer music” book from 1985. Also “Machine code for beginners”. These were written for kids and teens, so I’m not sure how many of the machine code books were sold! Everyone grab a keytar and rock! keytar

Could be a picture of early Daft Punk or maybe Count Modula’s studio.


Aaah the 80s when anything was possible in a round about sort of way. I still have a Yamaha keytar in my wardrobe. Bought from a second hand market on a Sunday morning. Bought for £5-10. Where did all the possibilities go!? Oh yeah Covid!

fantastic nostalgic resource
I wrote (with Piero Bove) the DX7 Sound Machine software (programmer and sound database for yamaha dx7) entirely in machine language 6510 for commodore 64 in 1984.
The software was distributed by SIEL


Keytars, pshaw!


Keytar indeed, what is our man using to get the bass [Moog?]? Makes a great addition to the band sound!

ARP 2600

Where are all the modules to create the sounds that just the keyboard obviously, is it one of the slimmed down later versions?

The 2600 had a detached keyboard unit. Later on he messes with the sliders on the actual synth.

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Thanks, will watch the Arp 2600 video documentary and get in deeper!