Foundry: Can you mute a track in a song?

Trying to use Foundry to design a longer piece. Can’t see a way to mute a track in a phrase, which makes it difficult to bring elements in/out. Am I missing something?

Thanks, Chris.

It was not made with live-play in mind that much, but instead more for prepared songs that can play without intervention. One thing that could be done though, is to have an empty phrase (i.e. all gates turned off), along with all the other phrases, and then manually recall them using the Foundry expander and the Impromptu CV-Pad. There is an option in the expander to make phrase changes happen at the end of phrases only (synchronously), and so it could be live-played like this.

Although I didn’t have any empty phrases, or even not that many phrases, here’s an example of the setup if you want to know more:

But this method means you have to trigger the phrases’ progressions yourself, which could be a pain for long complex songs. Perhaps another way would be to patch up a gate muting button, and with proper use of a sample and hold with a divided clock, you could synchronously mute the track’s gate when you like.

Thanks very much Marc!

I’m not trying to orchestrate it live - simply to have an arrangement where various tracks come in and out as the piece progresses. As you say, having all the gates off seems to be an option. I just wondered if there was an easier way to do it. Also, the behaviour of the first note in a sequence with its gate off/tied seems to be a bit erratic. I’m trying to use a sequence with a silent first note, and it doesn’t work properly on re-cycling.

Assuming I can create a silent sequence like this, then I can simply switch the track to that sequence for the appropriate phrase, which is all I need.

Best Regards, Chris.

It’s worth bearing in mind that in modular there are many ways to mute things - it doesn’t necessarily need to be done on the sequencer module. For example you can mute the CV/Gates that are being sent out from the sequencer using a separate mutes module. My preferred method is usually just to let everything keep playing all the time and mute the audio at the mixer - Our Mixmaster module has click free muting and fade in/out. You can then sequence the mutes/fades on the mixer to make your arrangement.


Perhaps the issue you are noticing is that if you have long release on your ADSRs, you have to make sure the CV in those steps in the blank sequence match the CV of the last note that was played, since even if we transition to a sequence with all gates off, the CV could still be important to set properly.

On reading your followup again, empty first notes can be problematic when using tied notes, so perhaps my comment above is not relevant.

Another thing to consider, and I imagine you’ve thought of this, is to use repetition counts in the song for those empty phrases, to make them last for the needed duration. Have fun!

Thank you Steve. That’s a good point. I’ll check out your mixer!

Noted Marc.

Maybe rotating the sequence by one will fix my problem (so it’s not the first note that’s silent) - might try that.

A sequenceable matrix mixer like Computerscare’s Father and Son or maybe Nysthi’s Jooper might do the trick.

Thanks Henk! I’ll check them out.

The Father and Son is perfect Henk. Just wish you could chain them, or at least it had an “end of sequence” output.

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If you have two or more spare tracks on one or more Foundrys, you can use a sequential switch for that. ML Counter in stead of an extra empty track on Foundry will also work.

good point Henk. There’s always a way :slightly_smiling_face: