Forum moderators wanted

(Andrew Belt) #1

I am seeking two moderators for the VCV Community forum in order to handle the following tasks:

  • Move incorrectly categorized threads to the correct category.
  • Take ownership of thread titles and rename >50% of them to clean up the forum indexes. User-submitted titles should be taken as a suggestion to the final title, but moderators should have full control over its re-wording/content in order to make them consistent across the thread indexes. Text within a post, however, is fully “owned” by its authors and should not be edited by moderators on a whim.
  • Remove or fix rule-breaking posts. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the rules/stickies in each category.

If you become an inactive moderator, that is okay. You can move on or quit at any time without obligation, and I’ll simply re-open this thread to fill your slot.

I’ll leave this thread open for at least 24 hours and select based on the enthusiasm of volunteers.

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(Pgatt) #2

I’d like to do that.

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(Stephan) #4

I would like to do it

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(Andrew Belt) #5

Welcome to moderator-ship! Check the #staff category for private discussion.

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(Jim Nankivell) #6

If you still need a slot filled, I’m up to do it