Forum moderators wanted

I am seeking two moderators for the VCV Community forum in order to handle the following tasks:

  • Move incorrectly categorized threads to the correct category.
  • Take ownership of thread titles and rename >50% of them to clean up the forum indexes. User-submitted titles should be taken as a suggestion to the final title, but moderators should have full control over its re-wording/content in order to make them consistent across the thread indexes. Text within a post, however, is fully “owned” by its authors and should not be edited by moderators on a whim.
  • Remove or fix rule-breaking posts. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the rules/stickies in each category.

If you become an inactive moderator, that is okay. You can move on or quit at any time without obligation, and I’ll simply re-open this thread to fill your slot.

I’ll leave this thread open for at least 24 hours and select based on the enthusiasm of volunteers.


I’d like to do that.

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I would like to do it

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Welcome to moderator-ship! Check the #staff category for private discussion.

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If you still need a slot filled, I’m up to do it

I am now looking for two new forum moderators. The current issues we have are

@McMij Are you still interested?

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I’m happy to put my name forward, though I could only provide up to two hours max per evening (UK time), excluding Saturdays, due to commitments.

haha - that is a huge amount of time, in VCV land. Most of us have “day jobs”, families, etc… In my personal opinion, if you could spend any time on this task it would be great!

Offer closed, will reopen if new moderators are needed!

I’m kind of a backseat mod as it is might as well make it official. I’d be available if the need arises.

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I’m not exactly sure what mods are supposed to do, but since I’m extremely active on the forum (between 10 and 15 visits a day) if you need a new mod, i’d like to help :slight_smile:

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